Currently Professionally

Artist / Maker - I am a full time visual artist AND HSC Visual Arts mentor.

You can see my day to day arts practice here on Instagram

The current ephemeral works and sculpture in the galleries are a continuation and a variation on, a years long daily discipline of creating an artwork regardless of circumstance, weather or location and using only materials from the ground, found in the moment.

In 2015, I exhibited a portion of this project in London at the Kings Place Gallery, I was also invited to speak about the project at a TEDx regional talk - "The Art of Saying Yes !" I completed this task each day, not only in various parts of Australia, but in Shanghai and San Francisco as well and finishing up the year as a part of the Avalon Art Carnival - a public works program curated by Kendal Henry, the current Public Arts Director of New York.

In January 2017, I was invited to exhibit at Singapore Contemporary's inaugural PHOTO17, curated by Patricia de la Motte (Curator of Contemporary Photography Singapore Art Gallery / Museum) after finishing up 2016 with exhibitions at the Royal Botanical Gardens of Sydney and the The Other Art Fair Sydney.

Now in 2018, I have joined Sydney Road Gallery artists collaborative.

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Artists Statement

Whilst I make from and within, whatever environment I find myself in, it is not my intention to impose myself upon the landscape, but to reapply what already exists there, to reconstruct what has been discarded by nature or man.

To present the familiar in an unfamiliar way, to draw attention to what is sometimes ignored, in our haste to travel through life. To encourage people to slow down and look at their own everyday world a little more carefully, to nurture and preserve it and to remind the viewer that all is perishable ........ even us.

The backgrounds in some of my works, play an as equal part as the materials I lay upon it.

The materials not only have to relate to each other, but to the space around them. It can be a marking upon the ground, a texture, a connection with the light.

For the image to succeed everything must connect, even myself.

I enjoy working in this way, as it can be done no matter where I am in the world. I have completed these works in urban, suburban and outback Australia, in China and the U.S

I like that my artwork eventually returns to the ground where it has come from and that I am not required to be a consumer to create and experience it. It is my way of treading lightly upon the Earth.

All environmental art in a general sense, is art that helps improve our relationship with the natural world, whether it is referred to as assemblage, an exterior installation, earth art, eco art, nature art, however you label it, it is there as a reminder of the fragility of our environment, that nothing lasts.