What would you like to do ?

  • Ephemeral Art by Commission
    If you are looking for a piece of art that tells a story about you, about your special place and is made in your space, using site specific materials, it is possible. I can come to you and create an ephemeral artwork, to be photographed at your special place, your garden, a special spot or somebody else's space.

              I am more than happy to travel to do this. Any prints created from the art piece I create for you, are yours only ! Exclusively

              Please contact me for further information, rates, terms and conditions - leonie@leoniebarton.com

Please send me some information about the location, your timeframe and a small history of why this place is so special to you.

  • Licensing Collaborations
    Some of my artwork images, transfer well onto a variety of products. The studio is currently open to licensing them for a variety of creative projects.
    I would love to see them used further as stationary, textiles and homewares. The studio is currently developing several concepts, including a book on the ephemeral art projects and textiles.
    I am certainly also open to your suggestions, or you are interested in tackling a project together - email me here leonie@leoniebarton.com